Why Magneto Is The Most Chosen Among Platforms

The main objective of an e-commerce website is that it has to address customer’s needs without confusing them. There might be different customers who visit your website for various purposes. Clear navigation of the website is essential for the users to look for the products they like and buy them. Along with that, there has to be a description of each product with its usage and pictures so that people can understand the product. More details about the product and brand influences the buyers in the decision-making stage. People also should feel secure about sharing details such as their credit information for making the purchase. One of the important factors that have to be considered before designing the website is choosing the right platform for developing the website. http://www.bingdigital.com/magento-ecommerce has all the details that you would need about various platforms. While there are various platforms available, Magneto stands apart for the kind of features it has and the options it provides.

Security Features One of the most important features that has to be taken care while designing an e-commerce website is its security features. Magneto EE offers hosted platform wherein the e-commerce company is responsible for the security of the website rather than the hosting platform. Any breach in security is also the responsibility of the e-commerce company and not the hosted company. Therefore, this could be the best options available for any company who is looking forward to choosing a platform for developing their websites. If the website is not secure, customers might not return to the website for further buying.

Marketing Capabilities Apart from having a complex backend application, Magneto does not offer any default functional capabilities. One can integrate social media platforms along with this at ease. Any other features that the website requires must be created only by the developer. For any task to be performed on the website, the developer’s assistance is required. The latest version Magneto 2 has many improvements than that of the older version. It has quicker page loading capabilities and an easier backend user interface that allows for customization and any marketing options can be chosen easily. The latest version also allows the users to attract more traffic towards the website.

SEO Optimization More than 40% of the online sales begin with a simple Google search. Due to this reason, it is important that the website is search engine optimized by combining them with search engines. Magneto permits the users to add links, the title for the pages, URL’s, tags etc. Apart from this, regular features such as social media sharing and the choice of choosing your own domain name. Magneto has rich features pertaining to search engine optimizations such as using indexing, markup data and organizing website data so that the websites can be optimized.

B2B Support Not only consumers, businesses also require the sales option for improving their sales figures. Therefore, Magneto offers additional features such as pricing, quicker bulk order transactions and faster payments. These additional features make Magneto a preferred option than other sales platforms that are available.